July 28, 2009

She still likes to bake.....

My apologies for not posting in so long.....
hopefully new posts will be more frequent in coming.

.....and now she (Abigail) supplies me with an endless list of questions:

"Hannah, is that a nice thing to eat?" (Yes, of course it is, why would I bake anything else?)

"What are you making?" (The same thing I was making last time you asked!)

"Is that yummy? Can I taste it?" (No, that's baking soda and you do not really want to taste it)

"Are you still making _____?" (Yes, you just asked me that 90 seconds ago and I don't bake _____ quite that fast.)

"Can I pour that in?" (Yes, after I measure it for you. Salt is not something you can just pour in.)

And of course, she still loves to "holp" by using a smaller size wooden spoon to stir or cracking eggs into a bowl. Her favorite part is taste-testing. (of course) And she also loves to, as always, giggle in delight with her tongue sticking out whenever I answer one of he questions. (no matter what the answer is)

At the rate she's going, she's going to take over my job one of these days.

I hope that means I will get to be the taste-tester then. :)


  1. *laugh*
    Yay, you finally posted! ;-)

  2. **smiling**
    My five-year-old brother does the same thing. I'll be working in the kitchen, he'll come in, (you can see he's thinking hard, putting 2 and 2 together to figure out what I'm making) then ask "Liza, what are you making?" "You tell me." Then he'll answer, and 99.99% of the time he's right. Ah..little people. But they're so cute! :)

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  4. It might not be nice, but it would almost be funny if you let her taste baking soda. I wonder what kind of face she'd make? :)
    I had a little brother who almost ate a bullion cube because he thought it was candy. :D My sister stopped him just in time.