March 18, 2009

Spring & Caleb


  1. Beautiful pictures of nature!
    Also, I think Caleb looks quite a bit like Joseph. :)

  2. Hannah, I dropped in from Mia's. So glad I found you. First, I want to thank you for your Christian testimony. It is so encouraging to find women of God who stand up for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Your blog is beautiful, and I enjoyed my visit. I also wanted to mention that I am a true southern girl, although I shrink from the word "girl," as I am a grandmother now (with a grandson named Caleb). I live in Alabama, but I am originally from Georgia.

    Would love to hear from you when you have time for a visit. Take care. God bless you. Have a wonderful Easter.


  3. Hey, Hannah!! I saw you were following the blog Dixie Farm Girl - which is a blog I like to read to. I checked out your blog. These are great photos!! Is that your little brother? He's cute!! God bless you!!

    Hannah (we have the same name!)
    Farmgirl in Flipflops

  4. Hi Hannah! I found your blog through Seeds to Sew! I had a great time looking through some of your previous posts about your siblings and things going on in America. Just wanted to let you know what an encouragement it has been to have a friend of you these past few years!!

    Hey, will you and your family be at the May Bright Arrows gathering? I hope to see you there.

    Hannah Ashley

  5. Rebecca: Yes, Caleb looks a lot like Joseph (who looks a lot like Stephen, who looks a lot like Dad......)

    Hannah Ruth: Yes, that's my baby brother.

    Hannah Ashley: As far as I know, we are planning on it.

  6. Aww, he is growing up so fast!!! Walter is too...I can't believe it!