September 9, 2008

And #7 is......

Yesterday we went and had a ultrasound of #7 done, and Mom and Dad decided to find out the gender. We have never found out before, so this was, well, shocking.
And the result? Everything seems to be in order, Thank God, and #7 is a Boy.
He was
nice enough to let us see the back of his head, and the fact that he has hair, but his face was to much to ask. (he moved about 5 minutes after the ultrasound)


  1. Neat! :) Now it will be 4 to 3... ;) Are Stephen and Joseph excited?

  2. We are all VERY excited! (Joseph is not not very surprised, however. He says that I am silly for thinking He may have gotten a sister.)

  3. Yay! That's great for Stephen.

    Thanks for the linking. :-)