October 4, 2008

Six Things Meme ~ Abigail

  • I Love looking up. Whether I look at ceiling fans, stars, or wal-marts ceiling, its a great experience.
  • I have always liked to stick out my tongue.

Abigail sometime last winter

  • I not only enjoy helping crack eggs into a bowl, but I also used to enjoy dropping eggs on the floor.
  • I love posing for photos
  • My favorite dress is the white one I am wearing in the above photo
  • I don't like getting wet


  1. lol

    Yep, that's Abby. If you don't mind, I feel like leaving a few of my favorite observations of the wee darling:

    1. She hates for her beloved Mama or Hannah to be out of sight.

    2. Outside of the family, I think Micah is the largest recipient of her lovely smiles.

    3. She likes to chew on plastic hamburger buns.

    4. She likes to make soup out of her meal leftovers.

    5. She has a gorgeous abundance of curls.

    6. She like to talk.