February 6, 2009


...by Rebecca

A book I read: Hmmmm.......I could list quite a few. Do Hard Things & So much more (SMM was a reread, though)

A moment I'll always remember......learning about the fact that a new baby brother or sister was going to enter our family. :)

A new skill I acquired: well, I re-taught myself knitting. And I learned some more advanced crochet.

A movie I watched: Flywheel

And Expelled

A new place I visited this year: Can't think of anything right now, but if I do I'll edit this post to add it. :)


  1. Neat! I actually haven't seen Expelled yet. :-(

  2. What is the other movie about?

  3. Anonymous: I'm not sure what "other" movie your talking about.
    Can you clarify, please?