February 9, 2009

What if.....

What if,

  • Due to your gender

  • Because of your color

  • Due to your parents social standing

  • Because you were an embarrassment to some

  • Because of a lack of money

  • Because you were too many years younger than your siblings.....

Someone decided to murder you.

And what if that person was:

Your Mother.

And/or your Father.

And what if the media, and many other normal Americans also believed this. Including Christians.

And what if they justified this by saying that people your age were not really humans.

The reasons above are only a small list of reasons why thousands of humans are being brutally murdered. Every. Single. Day.

Not to you, but to thousands of other humans.

Humans who, unlike you have no ways of defending themselves.

People who, unlike popular belief, can feel pain. People who have incredibly developed bodies.
Who are created in the image of God.

When shown photos of (unborn) babies that are a mere 6 or 7 wks. old, my 2 year old sister, Abigail, got excited about the babies.

Babies are being murdered.

God have mercy on America.


  1. Wow.

    Miss Jocelyn

  2. Hannah Jane,
    This is so true!!!! Your writing pierced to the heart.
    How sad it is that babies are being murdered everyday.
    It calls for serious prayer and action on our part as Christians!!
    I just came upon your blog through Mia's (Aspiring Homemaker). It is a joy to meet a sister in Christ who writes from her heart!!
    Many Blessings to you and may you continue to proclaim truth!
    I look forward to visiting you again. ;)

    Miss Jen

  3. Hello there!

    I would like to take a quick moment to tell you about something that is very close to my heart. I was hoping that it might be possible for you to help me. Please read this recent post of mine:


    If you care about America and our freedom, you will be very concerned.


    P.S. And if you find that you agree with the concerns I expressed in my blog post, please blog this yourself, and let's spread the word!

    P.S. GOOD post!

  4. Great post Hannah, and so true.

  5. That is SO TRUE! And the hard part is...the murderers would say that the babies aren't humans yet. It's an abominable practice.

  6. I agree with what you say, completely. Abortion is a form of infanticide. I can't honestly be told it's okay.

  7. You are so right! What a stirring post. It's too bad everyone doesn't feel that way.